Optimize your predimensionning
with Visiativ SmartDesign

Visiativ SmartDesign, a simple predimensionning tool to validate the choice of your standard mechanical components. With Visiativ SmartDesign, optimize your working time and formalize your calculation notes using a solution bringing together in a single interface most of the standard mechanical calculation tools you need.

A simple and effective tool

Reduce your design time

  • With Visiativ SmartDesign, the average calculation time is only 5 minutes
  • Avoid the use of finite element calculation software for usual mechanical calculations
  • All your tools are grouped in a single interface

Reduce the risk of calculation errors

  • Visiativ SmartDesign uses the standard rules and formulas for mechanical calculations
  • There is no need to use specialized books, abacuses or the calculator
  • All formulas used are clearly displayed to the user

Promote innovation and creativity

  • The use of Visiativ SmartDesign is simple and intuitive
  • Validate your designs faster to focus on the innovative needs of your customers
  • Optimize the time to market

Software developed by experts

Using Visiativ SmartDesign is the guarantee of using a high-performance, quality tool that meets your expectations. Visiativ SmartDesign is developed in collaboration with SDEI OUEST, an engineering office and manufacturer of special machines located in Cholet (France).

Key features of Visiativ SmartDesign

  • Customizable material library
  • Library of standard or parameterized profiles
  • Screws library
  • Choice of unit system and online converter
  • Calculation scenario adapted to the needs of the designer
  • Production of calculation sheets in PDF format to be
  • Attached to the project file
  • All formulas are indicated
  • Title block
  • Your company logo

The tools available in Visiativ SmartDesign

  • Bending
  • Buckling
  • Shear
  • Traction
  • Compression
  • Torsion
  • Compound solicitations
  • Quadratic moments
  • Stress concentration coefficients
  • Screw
  • Spring
  • Clevis
  • Actuator
  • Key
  • Drive Spline
  • Bearing
  • Rolling resistance
  • Contact pressure

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