Optimize your predimensionning
with SmartDesign

SmartDesign, a simple predimensionning tool to validate the choice of your standard mechanical components. With SmartDesign, optimize your working time and formalize your calculation notes using a solution bringing together in a single interface most of the standard mechanical calculation tools you need.

A simple and effective tool

Reduce your design time

  • With SmartDesign, the average calculation time is only 5 minutes
  • Avoid the use of finite element calculation software for usual mechanical calculations
  • All your tools are grouped in a single interface

Reduce the risk of calculation errors

  • SmartDesign uses the standard rules and formulas for mechanical calculations
  • There is no need to use specialized books, abacuses or the calculator
  • All formulas used are clearly displayed to the user

Promote innovation and creativity

  • The use of SmartDesign is simple and intuitive
  • Validate your designs faster to focus on the innovative needs of your customers
  • Optimize the time to market

Software developed by experts

Using SmartDesign is the guarantee of using a high-performance, quality tool that meets your expectations. SmartDesign is developed in collaboration with SDEI OUEST, an engineering office and manufacturer of special machines located in Cholet (France).

Key features of SmartDesign

  • Customizable material library
  • Library of standard or parameterized profiles
  • Screws library
  • Choice of unit system and online converter
  • Calculation scenario adapted to the needs of the designer
  • Production of calculation sheets in PDF format to be
  • Attached to the project file
  • All formulas are indicated
  • Title block
  • Your company logo

The tools available in SmartDesign

  • Bending
  • Buckling
  • Shear
  • Traction
  • Compression
  • Torsion
  • Compound solicitations
  • Quadratic moments
  • Stress concentration coefficients
  • Screw
  • Spring
  • Clevis
  • Actuator
  • Key
  • Drive Spline
  • Bearing
  • Rolling resistance
  • Contact pressure

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